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Camilla Brereton

Millie is an Anusara-Inspired ® yoga teacher and English teacher from Wiltshire in England, currently living in Northern Spain. Her yoga journey began over 13 years ago in India, where she trained in Classical yoga. After spending several years in Brighton in the South East of England, teaching yoga, fitness, swimming and nutrition to adults and children, she moved to Navarra in search of warmer weather and new experiences.

She brings to her classes a BA Joint honours degree in Philosophy and English, an in-depth study of Tantric philosophy, and an extensive knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. She teaches with a sense of playfulness and committed dedication and believes in always seeing the best in her students. Through her clear and skilled instruction and sweet supportive spirit, she inspires students to work hard, learn sophisticated alignment, and awaken to their own divine nature.

As a student herself, she continues her professional studies with some of the world's leading yoga teachers across Europe, including Susana Garcia Blanco; Gisela Vázquez; Carlos Pomeda, whose teachings are rooted in the Kashmir Shaivism tradition; and Jayendra Hanley, who she has assisted teach Anusara Immersions and Teacher Trainings in Spain.

When she´s not teaching, Millie enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and two dogs in their village home in Navarra; working in their allotment; cooking, painting, writing; and connecting with Nature by walking in the mountains, camping and surfing.

Millie offers her deepest grattitude to all her teachers, students and friends who offer their light and with whom she shares the gift of community.

Steven Smith

Steve is from Staffordshire, England. The majority of his working career has been within the field of education. He has a BSc in Outdoor Education and Geography and is also certified to teach several sports and outdoor activities. Before coming to Navarra in 2007 to search for warmer climes and bigger mountains, he worked in Scotland as an Outdoor Instructor and also taught at a College of Further Education. He has led expeditions in Canada, South Africa and within Europe. He is passionate about nature and can often be found grafting in his allotment. 

After completing his CELTA qualification in 2006 he has transferred his enthusiasm for teaching to the English classroom. His students appreciate the dynamic nature of his classes, his sense of humour, and bright, positive attitude. Steve brings to his classes a wealth of teaching experience, excellent communication skills and a strong desire to see the best in his students. He is passionate about helping them to the best of his ability and, being a learner of Spanish himself, fully understands the learning process of his students. He is the Director of The Three Kings English Academy, gives classes in the Official School of Languages, and teaches business specific courses. Steve also runs English Adventure Activities in Navarra for adults and children and Weekend Immersions in English.


Kate Feeney

Kate is from Wiltshire,  England.  A few of Kate's main loves and passions are to travel and meet new people.  Having just moved to Spain, Kate is really enjoying learning the language and getting to know the local people of Pamplona.  Kate has taught English in Argentina as well as in Italy, Poland and Austria.  Before moving to Spain, Kate was teaching drama to children and teenagers in London.  She has continued to use her theatrical skills in the classroom to teach both children and adults.  She finds drama to be an extremely useful tool in the classroom.  Kate is a very positive and happy person that always brings these characteristics and her sunny persona into the classroom.  She makes sure her students are always feeling confident and most importantly enjoying learning English.


Will is from Devon, England. He was teaching in London before moving to Pamplona and enjoys the challenges of teaching students with varying abilities. Despite coming to Pamplona with only a limited grasp of the language, Will is picking up Spanish quickly and has really enjoyed his first few months in Northern Spain. Will is a keen sportsman and loves to spend time in the great outdoors. He has a nose for adventure and has travelled extensively around Australia, South East Asia and South America. Will is a very approachable person and likes to take an open minded approach when teaching in the class room. Above all else, Will takes pride in his work and ensures that his lessons are dynamic and fun.

Eoin Tuckey

Born in Limerick, Ireland in 1972, Eoin has taught English for many years. With a background in business, Eoin provides a wealth of experience for those who wish to improve their Business English. Eoin has an excellent C.V. when it comes to translating, with a client list that includes The government of Abu Dhabi, UEFA  or the world renowned Photographer Spencer Tunick.

Sebastian Coles

Seb is from the city of Bristol in the Southwest of England. This is his second stint in Spain after living and working as a translator and English teacher in Madrid for a year between 2003-2004. Seb has a degree in French and Spanish from the University of London, and has since taught English in Spain, Cambodia and London. Seb is a patient teacher who endeavors to inspire confidence in all his students, thereby making those big challenges never out of reach.

Seb´s main passion is travel. As well as the UK he´s lived in and travelled extensively throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Seb has a strong bond with Cambodia having lived there for 2 years, and loves the region and culture of Southeast Asia as a whole. Seb was once a chef and still loves ´real´ food and cooking, one of the reasons Navarra and the North of Spain suit him! That and of course a love of nature and the great outdoors.

Jon Herbert

I am from Birmingham, England, I´m 39 years old. I studied history at Cambridge University and I trained to teach English (CELTA) in 1997. I have been teaching for more than 15 years and I have experience teaching students with different needs and ages. Before returning to Pamplona in April of 2012, I worked in Istanbul, Prague, Pamplona, Madrid and Birmingham, giving classes in academies, companies and universities. Some years ago I trained in psychotherapy, that which, amongst other things, has helped me to evolve as a teacher. I try to be aware of the abilities and needs of my students as individuals. I play the trumpet in the group "Hermano Lobo" and I continue training in technical theatre. In my free time I like going to the sea and the country, riding my bike, reading, and going out for drinks with my girlfriend and friends!


Practicing Kundalini Yoga has changed my life: I have learned how to breathe, to inhale and exhale, to take the good things that life offers me and get rid of anything that doesn’t make me feel full. Breathing is feeling free and living with awareness, which is the best way to adapt to the constant changes that you come across in life.

The sessions that I teach are fresh, bright, energetic and filled with awareness, at least that is what I try to do!! Joy and love, respect and empathy, energy and relaxation, breathing and movement, vibration and silence, everything gets integrated so the student feels that their physical body, mind and soul harmonize together.

When I´m not teaching, I like taking walks; sharing my time with the people I love; travelling; going to the mountains and breathing pure air; taking care of the plants in my house; reading; listening to music; feeling free and playing with children, they fill me up with energy! Things I don’t like include: creating conflicts, not feeling lucky, not making the most of my time and drinking too much coffee!

Ana Murillo

Navigator, enthusiastic and in love with live and love. I’m active, dynamic and a dreamer. Why not? That’s my motto. I´m a trained Master Coach International, hold a Bachelor Degree in Enterprise Science, and am a Specialist Technician in Management Computing.

In these times of change, it is essential to be aware of who we are, to know the purpose of our life, our talents and abilities, so we can evolve towards harmony and personal balance, aligning ourselves with life. If you ask me, that is what happiness is about, knowing that you’re in the correct place, doing what’s right for you in every moment. I join you in this evolutionary process as an Holistic Coach, through Individual and Group Coaching sessions. My job consists of bringing out your whole potential and joining you in your process of personal evolution, so you achieve your life mission and goals, the best possible way: using your own resources, rediscovering your talents and abilities, so you can use them in your everyday life. “Discover your potential, develop it and use it”.


Cecilia García-Herreros

Cecilia has been with us since the opening of The Kula Centre in 2011. She looks after the administrative side of the Centre, and is there to make teacher’s and student’s lives easier. She is the person to contact if you have any doubts  about your classes, or more general questions about timetables, class levels, payments, etc. She is from Navarra and her extensive travels through Europe have given her first hand experience of the importance of learning languages. She is also a qualified teacher having gained her teacher degree in the University of Navarra. She has been a student of English since she was 8 years old and has never left it. She now has an Advanced level and aims to reach a higher level with the support of our teachers.

Creative Kids

Creative Kids

Creatively taught English classes aimed at improving children's speaking and listening skills and creative development.

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Little Stars

Little Stars

Give your little one a head start in English! These classes bring parents and children together in an opportunity to socialise, play games, sing songs, practise yoga and massage, and learn creatively in English.

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What's New


English weekend Intensive in a Rural House. These weekends are designed to completely immerse you in the English language whilst relaxing in a beautiful rural setting.

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What's New

English Classes for
Children & Teenagers

The objective of these classes is to prepare students for the Cambridge exams for Young Learners. The exams offer young learners a motivatation for their study of English.

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Anusara-Inspired Yoga

Anusara-Inspired® Yoga

These classes are taught in English and Spanish. They are light-hearted and encourage joyful creativity. Each class weaves a heart-oriented theme with the practice of Asanas (poses), Pranayama (breathwork), Contemplation and Relaxation.

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Adult English Classes

Adult English Classes

Whether you're looking to improve your English conversation skills, or want to pass an exam, we can offer you a class that will suit your needs. Small groups or one on one classes.

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